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Integral Productions presents a suite of creative services that enable you to create, tell and share your story, sound and vision. Your way. Any time. Anywhere.

Our Production Services not only aim to assist you in achieving your goals but also to develop your presence in your respective field locally, regionally and internationally through our network of connections.


Our Production

Services to create and share your story, sound or vision.
Specialising in the publishing of high-quality books


Integral Publishing specialises in the publishing of high-quality books for well-known, established and first-time authors. We are passionate about providing an exceptional suite of services to narrate stories, disseminate knowledge and achieve excellence in quality.

One of our goals is to produce new publications in the Arabic language and other living languages from the Mulsim world that have never been published, or have previously been published with very low-quality in design, legibility and incorrect use of signs or accents.

Our new publications are balanced in design following traditional patterns, produced with the latest technologies in typesetting and printing. With the very best materials used these are distributed globally through reputable partners and digital platforms.

We offer our clients comprehensive publishing services such as: 

  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Editing & Design
  • Printing
  • Marketing and Distribution
Innovative ear-catching sound design and music


Integral Records is a full-suite audio production house. It provides a comprehensive range of sound production, recording, showcasing and archiving for agencies, production companies and recording labels.

We develop strategies and provide the tools, producing roadmaps designed to record, archive and showcase the oral and audible cultural and spiritual heritage of people and civilisations across the globe.

At Integral Records, we think outside the box to create innovative, ear-catching and exceptional sound design and music. In our audio production house, we rely on state-of-the-art recording technology competing at the very top of the audio industry. 

Integral Records services include but not limited to:

  • Music & Audio production.
  • Music Supervision
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Post Production
  • Regional Line Production
  • Distribution
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
Intelligent use of story telling


Wide Regional Presence

Film productions in the Islamic world, and the Arab world, in particular, have an increasing reputation for conducting exercises in hubris, exhibiting poor taste and publishing misinformed stories that lack talent and appropriate decision making.

Grandeur, scale and cost are no guarantee of quality. Even when world-class experts complement some aspects of a film, the ultimate guiding vision for true stories is lacking.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm in understanding the current Islamic world through film and series production, we support this by providing producers and talented artists from around the world access to our production services and extensive networks.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Storytelling Assistance
  • Script Writing supervision
  • Research
  • Production Management
  • Regional Line Production
  • Co-Production
  • Distribution

Line Production

We are the direct line between the studio executives who are interested in the financial success of a movie and the cast and crew who bring the film to life.

As Line Producers, we have a strong business sense, experienced in how to manage time, cost and people to ensure that everyone is happy with the final product.

At Integral, we have a three-tier approach: advisory and oversight consultancy for projects at the top, specific production design review and quality control as a more involved second option and finally, undertaking the production work itself as a third option.

At Integral, we offer three levels of line production services:

  • Production advisory and consultancy services
  • Production design review and quality control
  • Tailored Line Production Services per client requirements

Production Design

When required, we connect our clients with senior experts in film production and the art community for their design input, gaining from their proven experience and excellence in Production Design projects.


At Integral Pictures, we offer input from experts in storytelling and production design to advise our clients on the best way to work with our top-of-the-line visual capabilities and the great stories coming out of the region.

Integral Pictures was established to refocus on the most distinctive aspects of the Islamic and Arab Film Industry: the intelligent use of storytelling to achieve beauty through film and drama.

Copyright by IntegralMedia. All rights reserved.

Copyright by IntegralMedia. All rights reserved.