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In 2014 Wadah Khanfar founded Integral Media with a small team of passionate individuals with the vision to create an organisation that would connect the vast potential of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to the global marketplace.

Since 2014 Integral has enriched its network of talented individuals, launched new strategic communication and creative services, forging new connections across our ever-expanding global network. Today, Integral offers a range of strategic communication services and solutions that continue to build connections for our clients within today’s hyper-globalized world.

In a world of continually developing technology evolving at an ever-increasing speed, the need for effective communication is more critical than ever. Twentieth-century technologies and approaches to content that replaced the more traditional media are now being replaced by new digital technologies that introduce a new understanding of media and its potential.

This new concept of media brings together three elements; compelling content; advanced technology and sustainability.  These three elements are the core of Integral Media.

At Integral, we support our clients in all aspects of their communication requirements. We understand that clear, effective communication rests on what, how, where and when this gets communicated. We understand that every client is unique, and our priority is to provide tailored services to meet those requirements. Our aim is for our clients to engage successfully in technologically advanced markets, without feeling disadvantaged.

Our value-driven services offer diverse strategic communication solutions connecting you effectively with the world, delivering strategies that can be sustained into the future, transforming challenges into success, bringing long term tangible results.

We identify intelligent solutions to complex digital challenges, transforming our client’s businesses into agile and market-leading organisations.
We create and develop powerful campaigns that serve to inspire and inform a wide variety of target audiences.
We open doors to meaningful and constructive dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds, sharing knowledge through useful and exciting content.
We enable our clients to navigate the potentially complex political, cultural and media environments that may affect them.
Our event design expertise, extensive network connections and media relations, delivers successful events, creating new opportunities for our clients.
Our proactive and reactive broadcasting expertise prepares clients to respond quickly and strategically to meet public relations campaign objectives.


Our Team
Every client and every campaign requires different expertise, we understand this and build dynamic, innovative teams, with the best in class expertise, tailored to meet our client's requirements.
We Speak the Language
Understanding the regional languages and nuances is fundamental for any client engagement. One misplaced word can damage a campaign within a moment. With over ten languages spoken by our teams, we ensure the right message is delivered.
Our Established Networks
We have built extensive and diverse networks that reach deep within the region and beyond. Through our digital brands, consultancy and production services, this network is evolving and expanding further.
We Understand the Regions
We know that cultural, social and political aspects influence campaigns. With our real-life understanding of the region, we ensure our strategies incorporate these aspects.
We are Here
We have our feet on the ground.
We are located in four regions with our people present in over 30 countries. We bring a ‘real-life 360’ perspective.
Our Core Values
We believe in our core values.
We believe these values are integral not only to us but also to the success of our client's campaigns and projects.



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Copyright by IntegralMedia. All rights reserved.

Copyright by IntegralMedia. All rights reserved.