Integral Pictures

Integral Pictures

The aim of Integral Pictures is to provide producers and talented artists from around the world access to a state-of-the-art network, such as:
● Storytelling Assistance
● Script Writing supervision
● Research
● Production Management
● Regional Line Production
● Co-Production
● Distribution
Film production projects in the Islamic world, and in the Arab world in particular, have an increasing reputation for conducting exercises in hubris, exhibiting poor taste and publishing misinformed stories that lack talent and appropriate decision making.
Grandeur, scale and cost are no guarantee of quality. Even when some aspects of a project are complemented by world class experts, the principal guiding vision for true stories is lacking. Additionally, there is a great deal of enthusiasm to understand the current Islamic world through film and series production.

Brand Philosophy
We are able to offer a unique combination of master-level experts who have deep work experience with producers from around the world to offer the highest industry standards. We connect our clients with the senior-most figures in the production and art community for wider input when needed, and have proven experience in integrating excellence in Production Design projects.
A. Storytelling, Research and Scriptwriting
At Integral Pictures, we offer real input from experts in storytelling and production design to advise our clients on the best way to work with our top-of-the-line visual capabilities and the great stories coming out of the region. We established this new brand subsidiary to focus on what are arguably two of the most distinctive aspects of Islamic world: the intelligent use of storytelling to achieve beauty through film and drama production & beauty.

B.Line Production
We are the direct line between the studio executives who are interested in the financial success of a movie, as well as the cast and crew who bring the movie to life. As Line Producers, we have a strong sense of business, as well as how to manage time, money and people in order to ensure that everyone is happy with the final product.

At Integral, we have a three-tier approach: advisory and oversight consultancy for projects at the top, specific production design review and quality control as a more involved second option and finally, undertaking the production work itself as a third option.

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